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Okay, you probably don't really need instructions on this one. Everyone knows how to play bingo, right?

We created PDF files for each of the four years of seminary. Each year has a 10 page bingo set, a 20 page bingo set, a 30 page bingo set, a 50 page bingo set, and a 100 page bingo set. Download and print the one appropriate for the size of your class. (Hint: just because you download the 100 page doesn't mean you need to print all 100 pages.)

You'll need to provide your own markers. Read the scriptures (or the Historical Setting, or the Doctrinal Teaching, or whatever) and then the students put a marker on the appropriate scripture reference on their bingo card. The first to get 5 in a row shouts "bingo!" and they win.

Old Testament Bingo

New Testament Bingo

Book of Mormon Bingo

Doctrine And Covenants Bingo