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Great Advice on Making the First Day of Seminary Awesome

Advice for making this year of seminary awesome

Thanks for everyone who sent in their advice on how to start this year of seminary right. We published your responses. And because I'm in charge here, we published my advice too.

Do you have an advice for seminary? After reading everyone else's advice, post your great ideas in the comment section. We'd love to hear from you.

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Changes to 2013 Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery

New Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery verses for 2013!

The church removed 7 scriptures from the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery, added 7 new ones, and added 2 verses to one of the scripture mastery scriptures.

Click here to see:

  • A side-by-side chart of the old Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery compared to the 2013 scripture mastery
  • My thoughts on why the changed happened
  • Links to new curriculum (including for Kindle)

The Quizzes

These quizzes will help you learn the scripture mastery verses.

Book of Mormon

Updated for 2013!

Doctrine and Covenants

Old Testament

New Testament

The other stuff

In addition to quizzes, we have bingo cards and memorization tools that help you memorize the scripture mastery. Each year of curriculum has it's own page with helps for scripture mastery